Centre of Good Practice for New Arrivals

Bowling Park is a Centre of Good Practice for children who have English as an additional language (EAL). We have developed a challenging, language-rich curriculum for new arrivals which aims to unlock academic potential and prepare children for the mainstream curriculum.

How we do it

Our nurturing New to English setting provides a safe and welcoming environment for new arrivals. Children quickly become familiar with the grammar based teaching sequences, which have a focus on oracy and reading. We place a heavy emphasis on learning through experiences and bring language to life through trips, artwork, music and inspirational texts. Children’s language development is assessed and monitored using our in-house EAL assessment framework. This gives us an excellent insight into the individual child’s attainment in English, which allows us to plan and deliver highly effective language teaching for all our learners. To ensure that provision for our New to English pupils is the best that it can be, we keep up to date with EAL research and use it to inform and influence teaching and learning.

What we achieve

This unique approach allows our New-to-English learners to make accelerated progress and develop the necessary skills that they need to succeed in life. They leave the setting with a love of learning and they feel ready to participate in lessons alongside their English speaking peers. Teachers and teaching staff are supported by our highly skilled EAL team to ensure pupils continue to make very good progress when they return to class.

If you would like more information about the ‘Centre of Good Practice for New Arrivals’, or to arrange a visit to see our classrooms in action, please feel free to contact us on 01274 770270.