Learning From Home

While you're at home, we want you to be able to continue making progress and developing your learning. This is also a really special time to spend with your family, where you can enjoy learning together!

Class specific activities can be found on our 'Year Group Learning' pages:

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If you have any questions about your child's learning, you can email your teacher on:









Learning Links

Practice your spellings, revise your facts or compete against your classmates to see who is a times table rock star! There is plenty to do on these great links.

Passwords are available in a letter from your teacher.

Education City


Espresso Coding

TT Rock Stars

Spelling Shed

BBC Bitesize Revision

Reading From Home

Learning at home

There's so much you can do at home! See how many of these activities you can complete while our school is closed.

  • Build a den with cushions and blankets

  • Bake a cake!

  • Build a tower with toys or bricks - can you turn it in to a marble run or a ramp for toy cars?

  • Make a 'potion' with water and washing up liquid (ask an adult first!)

  • Play hide and seek!

  • Make a paper airplane and see how far it flies

  • Read a book

  • Play dress up

  • Create a treasure hunt around your house

  • Write your own story

  • Pretend to be the next Joe Wicks and create a P.E. lesson for your family!

  • For more ideas, check out our Home Learning Menu or the Hungry Little Minds website (0-5yr old activities)

Mental health support during the pandemic

It's important to keep up with your learning so that you can continue to make lots of fantastic progress. This includes making time for reading, writing and so on, but also time for playing and enjoying time with your family. Looking after your mental health and well-being is a big part of this too.

We've collected a bank of resources to help you maintain positive mental health and well-being while school is closed. You can access them here Mental Health and Well-Being Resources for Children, but don't forget you can also talk to your teachers if you're finding things hard (see email addresses above).