Family Learning Project

November 2020

Last half term, we launched our brand-new home learning menu which provides suggestions for lots of interesting and exciting learning experiences to be shared at home as a family. We also sent your family usernames and passwords for your child’s learning at home internet accounts. We hope you have enjoyed completing some of the activities on the list.

To celebrate the work our children do at home, we would like families to share their experiences of home learning with us. This could be photographs of family days out, videos of children getting creative or pieces of work that children are proud of. Remember that children are learning all the time, not just when they have a pen and paper in their hand. The experiences that they have at home with their families helps them with their learning in school.

Don’t forget our very own YouTube channel has almost 500 films made by teachers and children at our school. Head over to our channel where you will find a video of our resident author and storyteller, Richard O’Neill, reading his new story ‘The Lost Homework’. It tells the story of a boy who is so busy preparing for a family wedding that he loses his homework book! Luckily, his teacher points out that he has done lots of learning over the weekend: planning the route and journey time, performing on stage, sewing and painting and many other things.

We hope you have lots of fun exploring different ways of learning at home and we can’t wait to see what you get up to! Please share your experiences with your child’s teachers via email using the year group address. E.g. If your child is in Y4, the email address is Your child will also have the opportunity to share their experiences with their class and teachers in school.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Langley