Family Learning Challenge

Are you ready families?

Every Wednesday, we'll be launching a brand new family learning challenge! The challenge will be based around a theme, and will include all kinds of activities that you can do together. There'll be science experiments, art projects and lots more!

What's even better is, the activities are all easy to do indoors, don't require much equipment and are quick to put together! Perfect for busy family life in lock down.

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8th July - Family Learning Challenge

This week the activities will be based around the books by Antoinette Portis – Not a Stick and Not a Box. Visit our YouTube channel to see Mrs Rhodes and Mrs Taylor read the stories.

We thought that, although it is quite a simple story, it is fantastically imaginative and, shows the fun that can be had from very little resources but a huge imagination and sense of adventure! It instantly sparked our ideas for activities that you and your families could enjoy, and games you could play as a family.

As always, check out our YouTube channel for more ideas YouTube Channel

Family Learning - 'Not a...'