Welcome to Nursery and Reception's home learning page.

Hi Nursery and Reception!

We hope you are all safe and enjoying your time at home. We're really missing those wonderful smiles already, but we know you will be spending lots of time playing and learning with your families.

While you are at home there are lots of things you and your family can do together while being safe and looking after each other. Below you will find lots of activities ideas to keep you busy. We will update these regularly so remember to keep checking back here.

· You could make your own play dough, and practice dough disco.

· You could have a picnic with your teddies and invite your family.

· Make some wonderful instruments using bottles, boxes or pots and pans.

· draw a picture and write a sentence

· sing the nursery rhymes we do in class

· baking with your adult in your house

· warm up activities we do in PE

Got a question about your child's learning - email us on eyfsnursery@bowlingpark.school

Learning Links

This week we're focusing on BBC Iplayer and BBC Bitesize resources:


Enjoy this episode of Hey Duggee with your family. Maybe you could make a paper boat together. We would love to see some photographs of what you have made.


Singing is great for children of all ages and something you can do together at home.


You could learn Row Row Row your boat this week. sing it with a teddy, with a grown up, or one of your brothers or sisters.


Have fun counting forwards and back to 10 using your voice in different ways then find the missing number.

Why don't you practice how many jumps, claps or star jumps you can do. I wonder if you can do 20 or more? Who can do the most?