Year Five

Welcome to Year Five's home learning page.

Welcome Year 5 students of Bowling Park!

We hope that you are safe and well at home and we miss you all so much! Your Year 5 teachers have collected a few excellent websites that you can use with your families during this time to stay creative and deepen your learning from the comfort of your homes. These links include excellent maths resources, a picture and story starter a day to spark your imagination so you can create your own fabulous tales, scientific games centred around forces and motion, wonderful stories to enjoy and even some Titanic websites too!

Keep an eye on this page and we'll update it regularly with lots of fantastic activities! If you get stuck on anything and would like to ask us a question about your learning, you can ask an adult to email us on

Learning Links


This is a video on using brackets for parenthesis. There is an activity at the bottom of the page so you can test yourself once you have watched the video. You could also try and write your own sentences using relative clauses making sure you put the brackets in the correct places.


This video is about adding and subtracting fractions. We’ve spent a lot of time looking at finding common denominators and this is a fantastic way to practice so you are super confident when you come back to school. After you have watched the video, there are three activities at the bottom of the page for you to complete.


In science, we have started to learn about forces. In this video, you can refresh your memory on what a force actually is whilst learning about balanced and unbalanced forces. This video also explains how you would show forces when drawing a scientific diagram. After you’ve watched the video, why don’t you try to draw something in your home or something you can see outside and label the forces with arrows of different sizes as you are shown in the video? If you want to challenge yourself further, can you remember the names of the forces? We will be looking at this more over the upcoming weeks.

Wider Curriculum:

When you click on this link, you will find facts about Titanic. By reading through this link, you will be able to develop a deeper understanding of your knowledge about Titanic. You could create a diagram of Titanic and label the key facts using the website. To push yourself, you could create a poster or an information page with all your knowledge about Titanic.