Year Four

Welcome to Year Four's home learning page.

Hi there, Year Four!

We hope you’re keeping yourselves safe at home. Below are some links to help you out with your learning at home. We’ve got something for you to check out for every subject. We’ll be updating regularly, so make sure you keep checking the page.

Miss Thomson, Miss Singer and Mrs Duthie

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Learning Links

This week we're focusing on activities from BBC Bitesize:


Which of these are correct? Harry Potters’ wand or Harry Potter’s wand? If you’re not sure, you should definitely check out this page all about apostrophes of possession. There are some fabulous videos to watch and a quiz to test yourself at the end.


Make sure you play Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica. This epic fantasy game can be played on your computer as well as your phone or ipad. We strongly recommend the Palace of Place Value and The Addition and Subtraction Shire. If you’re really up for a challenge - head over to the Forest of Fractions and Decimals, but beware... it won’t be easy!

If you want to up level yourself and conquer the Forest of Fractions and Decimals, check out


This is a brilliant page for you young physicists to recap on what you've already learnt about electricity. There are also some challenges for you to complete for each clip. Have fun and keep an eye open for how you're using electricity in your home.

Wider curriculum:

Watch this World War II episode of Horrible Histories to find out about who the ATA girls were, how the German spies landed in Britain during the war and what British citizens did to stay safe against Air Raid attacks. As you watch, look out for Churchill’s secret toilet!

Have fun and don't forget to keep us updated via social media to let us know how you're getting on.