Year One

Welcome to Year One’s home learning page.

Everyone involved with Year One is here to support our community throughout this unusual period of time.

On this learning page, we will keep you updated with any activities that we feel will benefit your child. This will range from subject specific activities to activities that will keep the whole family entertained in many different ways.

We have listed below some educational links that will enhance your child’s learning over the next few weeks.

Please keep visiting this page to see what new, exciting features appear.

Many thanks, the Year One team.

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Learning Links

This week we're focusing on resources from the BBC:


Watch the story ‘The Snail and the Whale’. Retell the story in your own words to your family. Can you draw a story map or write the story in your books?


'igh' - Watch the video, write down all the igh words you can think of and then create a silly sentence using as many igh words as you can.


Ordering - Watch the video, play the game and then find things in your bedroom that you can order, tallest to shortest and shortest to tallest.


Mammals - Watch the video, play the game and then can you draw a picture of a mammal and label its features.

Wider Curriculum:

Andy’s Sound Adventure. Listen to the podcast and list all the animal sounds you can hear from under the sea.You could also draw a picture to match.


Wild Workouts: Under the Sea PE