Year Six

Welcome to Year Six's home learning page.

Hi Year 6!

Welcome to your very own learning page. We hope you are enjoying the activities in your pack and the links of things to do

that we have shared with you already.

On this page, we will be sharing links specifically for you, to help you continue your excellent learning. Keep checking back here on a regular basis to see what new activities are available.

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Learning Links


Watch this video introducing the Maya civilisation and try to answer the following


- Where did they live? (continent, country)

- What did their diet consist of?

- Can you remember at least 3 facts about their favourite game?

- What was the difference between the Mayan and the Egyptian pyramid?


In maths, we have been learning to tell time. Use this video to recap on converting analogue time to digital time.

You could practise telling time at home by creating a simple timetable with your daily activities and record the time (e.g. What time did you get up? What time did you have your breakfast? Did you play outside in your garden? What time and how long for? What time did you read a book? etc.)


What do you remember about Darwin’s idea of Natural Selection? Listen to the song to check if your answer is correct.

Wider Curriculum:

Watch this video and learn about modern Mayan population of the Lacandon rainforest. How is their life similar and different to ours? What does subsistence farming mean?


Listen to Tour the World song and try to remember as many countries of Central and

North America as you possibly can. Challenge – can you remember ALL the countries of Central and North America?