Year Two

Welcome to Year Two's home learning page.

Hello Year 2,

Miss Rawson, Miss Qadeer and Miss Murgatroyd all miss you dearly so to keep in touch and keep you busy we will add fun, creative learning activities and websites to this page that you can access whilst at home.

It would be great if you could visit this site regularly to keep updated with all your learning. Don’t forget to visit TTrockstars, Spelling Shed and Maths Shed regularly because we will be playing along too, to see if we can beat you!

If you have questions about your learning, you can ask your adult to email us on

Learning Links


In Year 2, we have been looking at using their, they’re and there correctly, can you use this link to other homophones to practise writing them in sentences correctly? Remember, homophones are words that sounds the same but have different meanings.


We have just finished learning to tell the time in Year 2. Could you use the clocks at your house to create a timetable for your home learning day?


At school, we would have been moving onto the thing’s animals including humans need to survive. Can you find out the 4 things that animals including humans need and then complete the quiz? This also links to the other areas that we have already covered in science so use your hippocampus to remember.

Wider Curriculum:

Watch this video to understand how animals cope in a desert habitat. Could you create a poster to explain this?

Dear Year 2,
Our school is closing just for a while,But our learning will not stop, just changing style,There’s a very nasty virus which we don’t want you to get,So it’s best to stay at home but try not to be upset. It’s ok if you feel a little scared or sad,It’s hard when things are different but not everything is bad.We will be at our houses, and you will be at yours, You will carry on with learning and play and help with chores. Be sure to write a plan to keep you busy each day, Include our maths and English tasks but don’t forget to play. Whilst many things are changing, some things will stay the same, We are still your teachers, and Year 2 is our name. We’ll help support each other and keep in touch for sure, Once everything is safe again we’ll run back through the door. We’ll be back with our friends at school and parties too, But whilst things are different I’ll send you lots to do.
With love from
Miss Rawson, Miss Murgatroyd and Miss Qadeer