Year Three

Welcome to Year Three's home learning page

1st March 2021

Hi Year 3!

While you are at home, your teachers have planned lots of great activities for you! The learning pack can be picked up from school on Monday and you can also find it here:

Year 3 - 01.03.21 - Home Learning.pdf
Year 3 - 01.03.21 - VIP Home Learning.pdf

We are very excited this week as we will be drafting our non-chronological report about The Stone Age. This week you will use what you’ve learnt and gather even more knowledge to help you in your writing. We will start a new book which will also give you a glimpse into life in the Stone Age. Look out for Miss Singer’s story time on the Youtube channel.

In Maths, we will continue with division and practice our skills more including dividing when remainders are involved.

In the afternoons, you will learn with your family as part of the family learning pack which is all about World Book Day and nature.

Don’t forget to visit TTrockstars, Spelling Shed, Maths Shed, Epic and Education City regularly because we will be playing along with interactive games, to see if we can beat you! Please note, you don’t need to pay and download any of these apps, go on the websites to access these resources, see the links below.

You’re making very good progress with your home learning and we want to thank you and your families for all your efforts, emails and for bringing your pack back to school so that we can see your amazing work. Keep up the good work team year 3!

TT Rockstars - click on login, select school pupils and then select student. Then type in school’s name Bowling Park Primary School and finally enter your login details.

Spelling Shed and Maths Shed - click on sign in and then select if you would like to login to Spelling Shed or Maths Shed. Then enter your login details.

Education City - click on login and enter your login details.

Word Wall to get to know Stone Age facts about animals and people

Epic reading

You can choose from 1000s of books or read the ones assigned by your teacher.

Go to class code: crl3648 and find your name to start reading.

If you need some extra help with your learning, we've made some useful videos that link with the activities below. You can find them on our YouTube page Year Three YouTube page. You can also try out some activities from our Home Learning Menu.

P.S. If you have any questions about your learning or need a reminder for your login details ask your adult to email us on