Year Two

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1st March 2021

Hello Year 2,

We have another exciting week of home learning ready for you. To continue with the nature and environment theme, we are going to continue learning about plants. This week, we are going to focus on plant life cycles. When you have learnt more, maybe you could use the seeds that you were given to observe their life cycle. This learning will link well with your guided reading story ‘Jasper and the Beanstalk.’ This book may even remind you of something that you have already read. In maths, we are continuing learning about shape and have a little quiz for you to complete on Friday.

Last week, we received some fantastic pictures of your learning and we hope to see lots more. Please don’t forget to email us at Also, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We hope you have a lovely week of learning and enjoy all the activities in the learning pack,

Miss Rawson, Miss Qadeer, Mrs Norris-Green and Mrs Marsden

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Phonics at home

Don't forget to practice your phonics while you're at home. This is a really important step towards reading and something the children do lots of in class!

The Letters and Sounds YouTube channel has plenty of great resources and video for you to use. We've split them up here to make them a bit easier to find:

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How to say the phase sounds

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