Year 5 Home Learning

17th June 2021: Bubble Closures -4VD, 5MK and 5RB at New Cross Street

Dear families, we are writing to update you on recent developments at our school. Following a member of our school testing positive for Covid-19, we have closed our 4VD, 5MK and 5RB classes at New Cross Street. We took this swift action in line with government guidelines to ensure the safety of all our children, families and staff. The rest of our school at New Cross and Usher Street remains safe and open for all children. We know that Covid-19 is a serious concern for everyone and would like to reassure you that our school has very effective Covid-19 safety systems in place. Your help and support in social distancing and adhering to national guidelines makes a very real difference and helps us to keep everyone safe. Further information is available on the Covid-19 pages of our school website. Thank you, Mr Langley.