Staff Information

Bowling Park Primary is a happy and very supportive school with a hardworking ethos.

Our team is nurturing and has a good sense of humour. As a school, we have established a track record for developing excellent practitioners and growing our own teachers, leaders and support staff.

We take pride in watching our staff grow, develop and enjoy new opportunities and achievements.

Caring, passionate team players fit in well here.

For the most up to date job opportunities, please click here Job Opportunities at Bowling Park

For new members of staff, and existing staff who would like a refresher, please have a look these important safeguarding documents. These documents form the basis of the work we do in school to safeguard children. They are vital policies and should be read and understand by everyone.

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Team Building Skills
Festival of Stories

We think our school is a great place to work. Who wouldn’t want to work in a school that does staff meetings like this…