At Bowling Park we believe that learning should be exciting and challenging.

Each school day brings new experiences, challenges and opportunities for all our children. It is our intention to provide children with the best possible learning experiences to help them to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. We are proud to deliver an exciting curriculum that is:




Successful Learners

Our school curriculum is carefully planned to make sure that children learn about a variety of exciting topics. These topics have been designed to provide excellent learning opportunities where children can develop key skills, enjoy exciting, real-life experiences and make very good progress in developing language, maths and literacy skills. We aim to make sure our children are ready to take on the world in the 21st century. Our children consistently use new technologies (I-pads and netbooks) to support their learning, work in our state of the art science lab and learn a Modern Foreign Language in Key Stage Two.

Confident Individuals

Our approach to building confidence and resilience begins in the Foundation Stage where children are encouraged to play and explore, to solve problems, to share and communicate. Visits and visitors to school begin in year one. Exciting visits and activities are a key part of learning at Bowling Park. In key stage one, for example, everyone has the chance to visit a farm and meet a farmer, to see a shark in the Deep and to go to the seaside with friends. Residential visits begin in year four with visits to Nell Bank, Whitby and the Lake District. In key stage two there are yet more opportunities to develop skills in sports, music, cooking, gardening, science and technology.

Children at Bowling Park are encouraged to think about their future lives, both as they move into secondary school, and into the wider world as adults. GEM Days provide an exciting opportunity for children to learn about the variety of jobs and careers available, and the skills and attributes they will need to be successful.

SCARF (Safe Caring Achievement Resilience Friendship) provides a framework for children’s wellbeing and progress. We regularly hold assemblies and lessons based on these values, and they underpin our whole school ethos. (For more information, please see the SCARF website here.)

Responsible Citizens

We encourage children to be caring and to take responsibility for making the appropriate choices. Our children learn together and from each other, we take great pride in our school as a happy and harmonious community. Our school council helps us to improve teaching and learning in our school. Our children regularly take part in fund raising activities for local and national charities and take part in community initiatives such as the Food Bank. All children take part in a programme of assemblies and activities which develop children’s knowledge of and respect for their own and other people’s beliefs and cultures and allow them to understand and value the country and the world they live in.

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