Year 3

Our topic this half term is Ancient Greece! This half-term, you are going to be historians and travel back to the time of the Ancient Greeks. At the end of the term, we will retell a famous Greek myth!


Light is all around us! Have you ever wondered where your shadow comes from? Or why you can’t see in the dark?

This half term, you are going to be a physicist and explore what light is, why you can’t see in the dark, how reflections work and we will even do some outdoor learning to discover more about the sun.


In English, we will begin to look at the features of a retell, which include fronted adverbials, speech, conjunctions and expanded noun phrases. We will produce exciting writing to engage our audience using the drama skills we developed last half-term.


In maths, we will revise our knowledge of fractions, further develop our time-telling skills and develop our reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Reading Challenge:

Can you explore Ancient Greece and some of its famous landmarks?

DK Findout - Ancient Greece

DK Findout - Ancient Greek Warriors

DK Findout - What Did Ancient Greeks Eat?

Creative Challenge

Can you create a 3D model of the Parthenon?

Family Challenge:

Can you go outside and create some shadow art?

Recent Learning

Year 3 had a brilliant time at Nell Bank! An experience all about team work, resilience and outdoor learning:

3LW and 3NP are delighted to share with you their virtual museums! Exhibits include cardboard fossils, models of Mary Anning, a rap song about rocks, and more.

Year 3 learnt lots about plants and minibeasts at the allotment. Of course, they were also treated to some fresh, juicy apples!

Also, Year 3 created fantastic artwork, inspired by David Hockney:

If you need any help, please contact us: