Year 3

This half term, we will be learning all about the Ancient Greek civilisation.

As historians, we will be answering the following questions to deepen our knowledge and understanding:

Who were the Ancient Greeks?

What did they believe?

How did they live their lives?

How did they impact modern life?

At home, you could find out more by:

Investigating Ancient Greece

Creating your own Ancient Greek poster like the examples below:

Creating your own Parthenon like the one below:

As readers and writers, we will be learning how to entertain. 

We will use our writing techniques to write a Greek myth. 

At home you could also write your own myth.

Writing Challenge

Can you draw a Greek God and write about what makes them special?

Sentence Challenge

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Please help!

“What are you doing now” asked Zeus.

I will get you” shouted Medusa. 

The treacherous terrifying medusa fought perseus. 

If you need any help, please contact