Year 3

Our topic this year is ‘The United Kingdom’!

We will following Paddington as he sends us letters telling us about the famous landmarks and features from different locations he has visited in the UK.

To practise your geographical knowledge, you can explore these websites and games:

Wordwall - Windemere

Wordwall - Geography Quiz

Wordwall - Geography Vocab

Maths: Place Value

We will be developing our knowledge of place value and practising our times tables.

To help you, don’t forget to use these websites and games:

TT Rockstars

Top Marks - Paint the Squares

Top Marks - Basketball

English: Building Sentences

This half term, we will be working towards writing Paddington a letter to tell him all about the things we have learnt. We will be learning new nouns, verbs and adjectives and writing them into sentences with expanded noun phrases.

Use these websites to practise this:

Spelling Shed

BBC Bitesize - Grammar

Science: Forces and Magnets

We will be pushing and pulling in our science lessons this half term as we begin to look at forces and magnets. Expect lots of investigations and practical activities as we find out which materials are most magnetic, how to repel a magnet and if magnetic forces work through water!

Watch these clips to get a head start:

BBC Bitesize - Magnets

BBC Bitesize - Forces

Reading Challenge

Find out more about the UK using these great websites

Epic Reading - United Kingdom

DK Findout - Earth

BBC Bitesize - Let's Explore the UK

Creative Challenge

Have a go at creating your own UK landmark.

Here are some pictures to get you started!

Family Challenge:

Why not cook a traditional food from somewhere around the United Kingdom?

Find out where they are from in the UK and why they are so famous!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

- Yorkshire puddings

- Shepherd’s pie

- Cornish pasty