Year 6

Hello, Year 6 families! This half term, we're looking at how Bradford and the rest of the UK changed during the 19th century.

Can you use the links below to research and investigate the changes that occurred during this revolution?

DK Find Out - Victorian Britain

Nat Geo Kids - British Empire Facts

Nat Geo Kids - Victorian Facts

BBC Bitesize

Khan Academy - Industrial Revolution

YouTube - Horrible Histories - Victorian Work Song

YouTube - Horrible Histories - Victorian Inventions Song

Home Learning

We are so proud of the progress the Year 6 children are making. It is not long now until they will get an opportunity to show their progress in their SATs tests in May. They are working incredibly hard in school. Here are some links so Year 6 can continue their learning at home to prepare them for their SATs tests in reading, maths and SPaG.

1. SATS Boot Camp

This a brilliant resource (as we all know) and we really encourage you to complete some revision tests on here. It will help us to identify the areas of improvement for each of you.

Remember, there is also a revision section (for every maths, SPaG and reading skill) on here, with videos and practice questions.

We will be giving lots of golden tickets out for children who have completed activities on there.

2. Times Table Rock Stars

Why not spend 5 minutes a day practising your times tables?

If you are confident with your times tables, you could set yourself a speed challenge. How fast can you do them? Can you improve on your speed?

Again, we will be giving golden tickets out for this too.

3. Spelling Shed

Practise spellings and any SPaG activities that have been set for you.

4. Maths Frame

Practise maths in a fun way!

There are lots of brilliant games on here, which are both fun and educational.

Username: bowlingpark

Password: maths123

5. WordWall

The games on the are organised in folders - focus on Year 6 English and Year 6 Mathematicians.

Year 6 English contains activities on grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Year 6 Mathematicians contains games on percentages, fractions, multiplying, rounding, comparing numbers and much more. Please use this website to practise your maths targets.

6. Epic

Again, a brilliant resource with thousands of books. This half term and next, we will be looking at the Industrial Revolution and how Bradford has changed over the time. Why not do some research and read about the Industrial Revolution?

Recent Learning

Year 6 researched Ancient Egypt at Liverpool's World Museum, created pyramids out of Kapla blocks and even recorded a Playmobil stop motion film about mummification! A massive well done.

We're really proud of our Year 6s. On GEM Day, they took on different jobs across school, and they showed what hard-working, skilled professionals they truly are. And they even filmed this special report all about it!

Year 6's experience at Ghyll Head was unforgettable - filled with adventure and incredible moments with our friends:

If you need any help, please contact us: