Year 6

Hello, Year 6 families

We are so proud of the progress the Year 6 children are making. It is not long now until they will get an opportunity to show their progress in their SATs tests in May. They are working

incredibly hard in school. Below are some links so they can continue their learning at home to prepare them for their SATs tests in reading, maths and SPaG.


It is a brilliant resource (as we all know) and we really encourage you to complete some revision tests on there. It will help us to identify the areas of improvement for each of you.

Remember, there is also a revision section (for every maths, SPaG and reading skill) on there with videos and practice questions. We will be giving lots of golden tickets out for children who have completed activities on there.


Why not spend 5 minutes a day practising your times tables? 

If you are confident with your times tables, you could set yourself a speed challenge. How fast can you do them? Can you improve on your speed?

Again, we will be giving golden tickets out for this too.


Practise spellings and any SPaG activities that have been set for you.


 Practise maths in a fun way!

 There are lots of brilliant games on there which are both fun and educational.

Maths Frame username: bowlingpark

Maths Frame password: maths123


The games on the are organised in folders - focus on Year 6 English and Year 6 Mathematicians. Year 6 English contains activities on grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Year 6 Mathematicians contains games on percentages, fractions, multiplying, rounding, comparing numbers and many more. Please use this website to practise your maths targets.

Word Wall - Year 6 Mathematicians


Again, a brilliant resource with thousands of books. This half term and next, we will be looking at the Industrial Revolution and how Bradford has changed over the time. Why not do some research and read about the Industrial Revolution?

7. How did Bradford and the rest of the UK change during the 19th Century?

Use the below links for your research and investigate the changes that occurred during this revolution.

Here are some useful links to conduct your research:

DK Findout - Victorian Britain

Nat Geo Kids - British Empire Facts

Nat Geo Kids - Victorian Facts

BBC Bitesize

Khan Academy - Industrial Revolution

YouTube - Horrible Histories: Victorian Work Song

YouTube - Horrible Histories: Victorian Inventions Song

Writing Challenge

Continue the story

Amy loved this place. It’s where she came when she wanted to dream.

Sitting in the comforting tangle of roots beneath the silver tree, Amy let her thoughts drift. It was so peaceful here: the dell was bathed in a milky light that leaked through the canopy above. The only sound that could be heard was the relaxing trickle of the stream that waltzed its way through this labyrinth of serenity.

A barn owl, perched on a nearby, ivy-covered tree, ruffled it’s hazelnut brown feathers, gazed at Amy with its wide, round eyes.

Butterflies danced gracefully through the hazy air, enjoying the dell as much as Amy did, if not more.

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours. It felt as if she was caught in a dream - a blissfully happy dream.

Then, to the little girl in the dell’s surprise, the owl spoke…

Question time

Where is this place and why does Amy come here?

Does anyone know Amy visits this place?

Is it real, or is it all a dream?

Explain what a dell is.

Are there any other creatures that live in the dell?

What will the owl say to Amy?

What will she say back?

How would you feel if an animal spoke to you?

Why do you think owls are often referred to as wise?

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

Picture this

Draw Amy and the owl speaking to each other, using speech bubbles.

Draw what might happen after Amy has had a conversation with the owl.

Sentence challenge

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Please help.

The girl sat on the ground. 

She was being watched by an owl. 

It was a nice place. It was peaceful.

If you need any help, please contact