Year 6

This term, we will be departing Ancient Egypt and travelling to South America! Be ready to learn all about the countries within South America and the secrets of the Amazon River and rainforest.

In science, we will learn about the work of Charles Darwin on the Galapagos Islands and how this contributed to our understanding of evolution and inheritance. You can complete some of the activities below to support your learning in school:

Reading Challenge

Prepare for your science and geography learning by reading the following articles:

BBC - Darwin And The Theory Of Evolution

BBC Bitesize - South America - Rainforests, Rivers And Waterfalls

Creative Challenge

Using materials you can find at home, can you create your own ‘biome in a box’? Here are some examples to get you started:

Family Challenge

Can you create your own family tree? You may want to base this on your own family or a famous one (like the Royal family)! Think about how you could present this – here are some examples:

Our Family Tree Project - Life with Baby Kicks

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