Reception Places Available for September 2021

We have Reception places available for September 2021 (date-of-birth range: 01.09.16 to 31.08.17), at Usher Street and New Cross Street. Our Reception classes are happy and fun, with lots of learning through play. For more details, please see our YouTube videos below and contact us.

Welcome, Reception families!

At Bowling Park, our Reception students enjoy learning through carpet times, playing and exploring.

If you're looking for some activities to try at home, please do check out our Home Learning Menu or the Hungry Little Minds website. Here, you'll find all kinds of fantastic activities, such as den building, painting, cooking and much more!

If you need any help, please contact us:

Phonics at home

If you can, please do try to practise phonics at home. This is a really important step towards reading and something our students do lots of in class!

The Letters and Sounds YouTube channel has plenty of great resources and videos for you to use. We've split them up here to make them a bit easier to find:

Parents' Guide to Phonics

How to say the phase sounds

Phase 2 Phonics Videos

Phase 3 Phonics Videos

Phase 4 Phonics Videos

Phase 5 Phonics Videos

Blending Videos

Free Jolly Phonics e-readers

Jolly Phonics have made their books available as free e-readers for Android and Apple devices. These are also available for desktop and laptop if you are signed into your Google Account. Enjoy!