EYFS Guide for Parents

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EYFS Policy

For more information about Early Years at Bowling Park, please read our policy EYFS Policy

Key Book

This half term, we are reading Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers.

If you click on the link below, we hope you can watch Here We Are with your child. Afterwards, can your child talk about what the book is about? Also, can your child say if they like the book and why?

Creative Challenges

Can research the 7 continents here and then label them on a map?

Can you research ways to look after our planet here? Can you then create a poster to share what your ideas?

Family Challenges

Can you discuss as a family how we can all be kind to each other and write 2 things you like about each other?

Can you stargaze with your family and look for constellations?

If you take any photos of your home learning challenges. please email them to us:

Thank you!

Recent Learning

For their spring time learning, Reception explored our outdoor areas and visited the allotment:

Reception had a fab time completing activities based on the book Bringing Down The Moon. Then, they enjoyed some lovely treats:

Reception created a Jurassic landscape and even erupted a paper mache volcano!

Reception's learning has centred on Hansel and Gretel. Our students had a lovely time exploring the woods, making little gingerbread houses and learning a song!

Reception made fireworks paintings for Bonfire Night and, with Diwali being the festival of lights, they created colourful Rangoli patterns and diva lamps. To top it all off, Reception also enjoyed some chocolate-dipped apples with sprinkles!

Reception's learning has also centred on Little Red Riding Hood. They baked cookies for grandma, re-enacted the story and even learnt a song! Well done!

If you need any help, please contact us:

Usher Street Team

Miss Peace – Reception Teacher

Mrs Fogg – Nursery Nurse

Miss Scott – Student Teacher

New Cross Team


Mrs Cattley – Reception Teacher

Miss Ditta – Teaching Assistant

Miss Jane – 1:1 Teaching Assistant


Miss Dacres – Reception Teacher

Mrs Dickinson – Nursery Nurse

Mrs Breslin – Assistant Head Teacher of Early Learning