Children must come to school every day

At Bowling Park, we encourage all children and families to have excellent punctuality and attendance. Attendance is a key life skill that helps children make the most of their learning time, create long-lasting relationships with friends and staff, and helps them to be prepared for the next stage of their education.

To report an absence, please give us a call on the following numbers

New Cross Street: 01274 777360

Usher Street: 01274 724581

How we do it

Every morning, our attendance team update our records on which children are in school as part of our safeguarding procedures. Our Learning Mentor team work closely with staff and families, ensuring children are ready to learn.

Rewards are used to celebrate children with excellent attendance and those who have made big improvements. Children collect ‘Bowling Park Money’ in class for good attendance, which can be spent on special treats. At the end of every term, we host an attendance assembly where children win prizes and the class with the best attendance is crowned King or Queen!

Where children are not attending school, we work very hard with families and outside agencies to help support the children back in to education. This includes meetings, home visits and referrals to the Bradford attendance team.

Families are encouraged to take holidays and appointments outside of school time. More information about extended leave can be found at the office.

More information about attendance at Bowling Park can be found in our attendance policy - Policies Page 

What we achieve

Children are excited about attending school, they feel safe, happy and supported while they are here. Families enjoy the range of rewards on offer for children with good attendance. A large majority of children attend school every day, with most having above 96.5% attendance for the year.