Reading is at the heart of learning at Bowling Park and we want our children to love books. Our children become fluent readers, accurate researchers and creative story-tellers.

How we do it

Our children explore a world of books throughout their time at school. Children first learn to read in the early years of school through play, storytelling, songs and rhyme. From the best picture books in the world to the finest novels, from encyclopaedias to poetry and plays, children’s imagination and knowledge grows.

We are a story-telling school; children and staff enjoy stories together. They perform and tell stories confidently, clearly and passionately.

Our children and their families take part in many exciting experiences such as our own Festival of Stories. Our well-stocked libraries are inviting spaces that children and families love to visit.

Adults in our school love reading so they plan exciting lessons in which children learn to read and read to learn. We believe that being a good reader is the key to being a good learner.

What we achieve

As a result of their experiences at Bowling Park, our children are avid readers; they know that their ability to read is essential to a fulfilling and successful life. Our children know that good readers get good jobs. Children at Bowling Park are confident communicators; they use what they have read to express themselves and talk with others. Our children value and respect books; they understand that books are the key to their imagination and make them more knowledgeable.

In 2019, Key Stage 2 progress in reading was in the top 1% of all schools in country.