We want our children to be knowledgeable and entertaining writers.

How we do it

At Bowling Park, writing is sparked from engaging lessons, fantastic trips and wonderful WOW days. Writing links to school’s exciting curriculum which allows us to explore our knowledge, interests and imaginations. We write about ancient Egypt to outer space and everything in between. Our children work with teachers who guide them through a step by step process which is built on clear skills and outcomes.

All our pupils produce purposeful writing. At Bowling Park you can find stories, poems, reviews, letters and adverts all proudly written and published to a high standard.

When you visit our school, you will see an environment rich with vocabulary that supports and enhances our writing. By having a variety of words for describing an event or emotion, the children can skilfully share their ideas and opinions.

What we achieve

As a result of their writing experiences at Bowling Park, our children are proud authors and have the skills to communicate effectively verbally and through writing.