Sports Premium and P.E.

An active lifestyle is really important at Bowling Park

In 2018, we were awarded the Silver Sports Mark, for our continued commitment to developing sports at Bowling Park.

Our dedicated Sports Coach and teachers provide high quality PE lessons to children throughout school, including: multi-skills, football, cricket, netball, athletics and gymnastics. Children also take part in a variety of exciting additional experiences to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle and a love of sports.


We are passionate about giving children a variety of quality sports experiences outside of their P.E. lessons, so that they can develop a range of hobbies and interests. We invest heavily in our exciting GEM curriculum, which gives children the chance to take part in clubs such as boxercise, outdoor adventure, breakdancing, modern dance, jujitsu and lots more. As often as possible, these clubs are linked with real world sports activities, for example our breakdancing club visit a local dance studio and our outdoor adventurers explore the countryside on specially organised hikes. Residential in the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and on the East Coast provide opportunities for children to canoe, cave, climb and even swim in the sea (whatever the weather!).


As part of the National Curriculum, children at Bowling Park also attend swimming lessons. In the Year 6 cohort 2018-2019, all 90 children had attended lessons and as a result 25% could confidently swim 25 meters, 24% could use a range of strokes effectively, and 24% could perform a safe self-rescue in different situations.

During the last two years, we have faced two significant challenges in providing consistent and high quality swimming lessons for our children. The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent closure of swimming pools during lockdown was the first barrier. Following this, our local swimming pool is currently undergoing considerable renovations and is not open. We are working hard to find alternative provision in our local area. 

Sports Funding

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