Year 2

Spring 1 Home Learning

This half term, our topic in Year 2 is ‘Turrets, Tiaras and Talons.’ 

As part of this topic we will be learning all about different castles, the people who live in them and why they were built.  In science, we are going to be looking at what humans (and maybe knights) need to survive. There may even be a chance to make a balanced feast for a knight! We will also be learning about levers and using these to create a drawbridge for our own castles.

At home for your learning these are the tasks you will need to complete:


3 times a week – make sure to read the Little Wandle books over the weekend as much as you can!


Access TT Rock Stars and Numbots online 3 times a week

To learn about fractions look at ICT Games - Fruity Fractions

You could also use Hit The Button


If your child is in a spelling group, they will bring their spellings home in a list to practice. They should copy it, then cover it, write and then check their spelling 3 times a week.

If they are still using their phonics, access the free games on Phonics Play to practice tricky words and sounds.


Children should practice the words:

tilt lute coil data them

Practice on lined paper and then switch the ones you practice next.

Curriculum learning challenge

As well as learning about why castles are built, wouldn’t you like to know who lives in a castle and what their jobs are? What do you think life was like in a castle?

Follow this link to read about the different jobs in a castle, then choose one job (you may want to do more) and create a poster of leaflet to explain what that person has to do.

You may also want to find out more on BBC Bitesize.

If you need any help, please contact