Year 2

This half term, we are continuing with our topic ‘Walk on the Wild Side.’ 

As part of this topic we are continuing to learn about different animals from around the world.  

In writing, we will be looking at the text: ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ and doing lots of short pieces of writing to consolidate all the writing skills we have learnt in Year 2 so far.  

In maths, we will be recapping the curriculum that we have taught throughout the year and consolidating our learning. We would recommend using Hit the Button or Times Table Rockstars to practise your times tables.  

During this half-term, our children will be taking part in their National Curriculum Assessments. Please make sure your child has an early night and is at school on time throughout May. We also recommend that you read with your child daily and follow these learning links: 

Reading Challenge

This half term, we'll be learning about plants. Follow this link to learn all about plants and flowers.

DK Findout - Plants

When you have read the information, can you create a poster all about plants? Maybe you could go out in your garden or local area to look at the plants in our environment. 

You could also follow this link to find out more about animals: 

BBC Bitesize - Animals Including Humans

Reading Challenge

As well as learning about animals and their habitats, wouldn’t it be good to learn about the animals that live in the UK and what we can do to encourage them to our gardens?

Follow the link below to read about the animals that live in the UK and have a go at making a poster about one. What  do you think they need to survive?

School Learning Zone - British Wildlife

You may also want to find out more about classification:

BBC Bitesize - Animals Including Humans

Creative Challenge

With your family, can you build a model of your favourite animal using junk models from around your house?

Family Challenge

All the children have worked incredibly hard in preparation for their national curriculum assessments. As a family, could you have a picnic or a small party to celebrate your child’s hard work? You could bake a cake, make some sandwiches and even sit outside! 

If you need any help, please contact