Year 2

This half term, our topic in Year 2 is ‘Turrets, Tiaras and Talons.’

As part of this topic we will be learning all about different castles, the people who live in them and why they were built.

In science, we are going to be looking at what humans (and specifically knights) need to survive. There may even be a chance to make a balanced feast for a knight! We will also be learning about levers and using these to create a drawbridge for our own castles.

In maths we will be covering a range of skills including money, multiplication and division. We would recommend using Hit the Button or Times Table Rockstars to practise your times tables.

Reading Challenge

As well as learning about why castles are built, wouldn’t you like to know who lives in a castle and what their jobs are? What do you think life was like in a castle?

Follow this link to read about the different jobs in a castle, then choose one job (you may want to do more) and create a poster or leaflet to explain what that person has to do.

Creative Challenge

With your family, can you build a medieval castle?

Can it have a drawbridge, turrets, arrow loops and all the other features of a castle?

Family Challenge:

Can you plan and design a feast fit for a king or queen, make it as a family and then share the food together? You could even pretend that you are inside a castle!

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