At Bowling Park, our aim is to provide a maths curriculum which is interesting, engaging and practical. Lessons challenge, excite and inspire pupils to become successful and confident mathematicians.

How we do it

Every day starts with Early Bird Maths where we practise our maths skills. TT Rock Stars gives us the chance to show off our times table speed and knowledge. We believe that knowing number facts (like times tables and number bonds) is one of the essential building blocks to becoming a successful mathematician.

We love to use practical resources in our lessons which helps children to understand. Daily lessons give children opportunities to use and apply mathematical skills in hands-on ways and in real-life situations. We encourage the children to have a positive mind-set and solve a variety of problems in a logical and systematic way of working. We believe that no child should get left behind, so Same Day Intervention is used halfway through our maths lesson to ensure that we “keep up and not catch up”.

What we achieve

At Bowling Park our mathematicians are confident, resilient and skillful. By the time they leave our school, we expect the majority of children to have met age related expectations so that they are prepared and ready for high school.

Our children make fantastic progress in maths. For the last three years we have been in the top 10 percent of schools for progress in maths!