EYFS Guide for Parents

EYFS Parents Guide.pdf

EYFS Policy

For more information about Early Years at Bowling Park, please see our policy here EYFS Policy 

Key Books

These are our key books this half-term:

Reading Challenge

- Can you read a book every night at bedtime? You can borrow books from the lending library in your child's class, please speak to the Nursery Team.  

Creative Challenge

Can you make some playdough and see what you can create with it? The recipe is easy. Into a bowl, put 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt and 4 spoons of cream of tartar (if you have some, it makes the dough last longer, but you can make it without.). Then an adult should mix in 2 cups of hot water from the kettle and 4 spoons of vegetable oil. You can add food colouring for colour or spices to give a lovely smell. We like to use ginger, cinnamon or vanilla. When it is cooled you are ready to play with your dough. It will keep for a few weeks in an airtight container. 

You can send in photographs of your playdough models to

Family Challenge

Plant some seeds and watch them grow. Remember to water them and be patient. You could also measure them each week to see how big they are growing. 

You can send in photographs of your plants to

Usher Street Team 

Mrs Williamson – Nursery Teacher 

Mrs Feeley – Nursery Nurse 

New Cross Team 

Mrs Donnellan – Nursery Teacher 

Miss Kapitonova – Teaching Assistant 

Miss Akhtar – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Breslin – Assistant Head Teacher of Early Learning 

If you need any help, please contact