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Spring 1 Home Learning

Hello parents,

Welcome to our Nursery Newsletter for the Spring 1 term. In our Nursery classes, we will be reading these stories together:

We will be focusing on exploring materials, using our imagination to create models from cardboard boxes and to see what we can see in our telescopes.  These books have repeated phrases and children will learn to join in as we read together and may be able to retell these stories at home. 

At home you could use things from your recycling bin to make models. 

Visit a local park and see what interesting things you can see. 

We are continuing to teach phonics and learning to blend sounds to make simple words. Children will learn to use sound talk to segment and blend. 

As mathematicians, we are looking at numbers 3 and 4 and beginning to introduce 2D shapes.  Children will continue to develop their skills of subitising which is the ability to look at a group of objects and know how many there are without counting them. 

At home you could ask your child to bring you 3 apples, or 3 cars, or 3 spoons. 

You could also look for numerals 3 and 4 while you are out for a walk. You might see it on a house door, or a car number plate. 

You could look for triangles, squares and rectangles around your house. 

Our Nursery Rhymes this half term are:

Three blind mice

Three little kittens

5  Little snowmen

4 teddy bears

5 fingers 

Nursery holds stay and play sessions every Tuesday when you drop your child off at school. We would like to invite you to join your child for half an hour at the beginning of their nursery session. This provides the opportunity for your child to share with you their favourite things to do while they are in nursery.

As the weather is turning colder, please make sure that your child has a warm coat, hat and gloves as we will play outside in all weathers. It is helpful if you can bring a bag with spare clothes as children can get wet from playing in the water, washing their hands or having a toilet accident. 

If you have not already completed your online application for your child to start Reception in September 2024, the deadline for applications is the 15th January.  

Have a lovely half term!

The Nursery team

If you need any help, please contact