Year 1

Summer 1 Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers,

Our topic this half term in Year 1 is ‘Explorers’

We will be learning about two famous explorers, Amelia Earhart and Christopher Columbus, and answering the question, ‘How have explorers changed the world?’ Our key text will be ‘Little People, Big Dreams: Amelia Earhart’.

In writing we will be focusing on using conjunctions (and, because) and using present and past tense. We are re-telling the life of Amelia Earhart and creating our own story about where we would like to explore.

In maths we will be exploring capacity, multiplication and division (2s, 5s and 10s) and revisiting addition and subtraction to 20, including number bonds to 20.

In science we are focusing on plants and seasonal change (spring). 

In history we are learning about events beyond living memory and focusing on Matthew Henson and Christopher Columbus.

Home learning expectations

Please take some time to look at the following to see what your child should be doing at home to extend their learning:


Little Wandle books will go home every Friday, please make sure they are brought back to school on Monday. Your child should be decoding the book - phase 3 onwards should be blending in their head. They should also be reading with expression by looking at punctuation. Please ask them the comprehension questions that are in the back of the book. 


Children will get a Little Wandle ‘Home Learning’ sheet every Friday with the words that we have learnt that week. They should copy each word, then cover, write and then check.


A few minutes of Numbots every other day

Hit The Button – number bonds to 10, doubles, halves

Handwriting: Letter Join 

Computer log-in: bowling_6     password: letterjoin

iPad/Tablet user name: ak6467 

 Your swipe code is set as a capital `L` shape, starting at the top left: 



 O O O

Thank you,

The Year One Team

If you need any help, please contact