Year 1

This half term, Year 1 are learning about Our Planet!

We will begin with looking at Bradford and the UK, before learning about the world and its 7 continents. Our core texts will be: Here We Are - Oliver Jeffers, Ticket Around the World – Natalie Diaz, Planet Earth – Jill McDonald.

Can you watch the video below?

BBC Bitesize - Let's explore the UK

Reading Challenge

Can you read your Little Wandle book?

Remember to return your book pack every Monday.

Little Wandle - Resources for Parents

Your child can also access their Little Wandle library online - please ask your child’s class teacher for their login information.

Maths Challenge

Can you make your own addition and subtraction game?

Have a go at playing Hit the Button – number bonds to 10.

Writing Challenge

Can you write about each continent on Earth, start with Europe?

Creative Challenge

Could you make a 3D planet Earth to hang from our ceiling?

Family Challenge

As a family, could you sort through different animals you can find around the world? What are their similarities? What are the differences?

Can you compare animals versus humans?

Usher Street Team

Mrs Fell - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Reed - Teaching Assistant

New Cross Street Team

Miss Watmuff - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Heywood - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kauser - 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Scowby - Year 1 Teacher
Miss Blackwood - Teaching Assistant
Miss West - 1:1 Teaching Assistant

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