Year 1

Spring 1 Home Learning

This half term, in Year One, we will be learning about our planet. We will learn about London and Pakistan, comparing and contrasting the capital cities. We will be answering the following question:

Would you prefer to live in a hot or a cold place?

As readers and writers we will be reading the following core stories:

Questions to discuss at home

Where have I visited in the world?   

What is it like there?

What is the weather like?

What landmarks are there?

What food did we eat?

We would love to see photos of places you and your family have visited to make a ‘Me on the Map’ display. Please email these to or upload them to tapestry.

Vocabulary to learn

We will be learning lots of new vocabulary in our geography and English lessons. Could you practise these at home? 

continent, country, capital city, coast, hill, mountain, river, weather, map, globe, atlas.


This year, we are using a phonics scheme called Little Wandle. We will send home two books on a Friday - your child’s Little Wandle reading book and a library book that you can enjoy as a family. There will also be a home learning sheet sent in your child’s book pack. Please ensure that both books are brought back into school on the Monday so that we can continue our phonics learning. 


In writing, we will be consolidating our knowledge of capital letters, full stops, and finger spaces. We will also be using the conjunction ‘and’ to join two sentences together. We will be re-telling the story ‘A Walk in London’ and writing a fact file to compare England and Pakistan. 


In maths, we are focusing on numbers to 20. We will be exploring place value, addition and subtraction. You could play Hit the Button - this doesn’t need a username or a password. Numbots is another good and free resource, your child will have a username and password. These have been sent home before, if you cannot find the letter please ask your child’s class teacher for these. 


In science, we are classifying animals. What animals can you find in different parts of the world?

Curriculum learning challenge

Can you create a replica of a flag from around the world to add to our world map?

Home learning expectations

Please take some time to look at the following to see what your child should be doing at home to extend their learning:


Little Wandle books will go home every Friday, please make sure they are brought back to school on Monday. Your child should be decoding the book - phase 3 onwards should be blending in their head. They should also be reading with expression by looking at punctuation. Please ask them the comprehension questions that are in the back of the book. 


Children will get a Little Wandle ‘Home Learning’ sheet every Friday with the words that we have learnt that week. They should copy each word, then cover, write and then check.

Maths - Numbots

A few minutes of Numbots every other day

Handwriting: Letter Join 

Computer log-in: bowling_6     password: letterjoin

iPad/Tablet user name: ak6467 

 Your swipe code is set as a capital `L` shape, starting at the top left: 



 O O O

If you need any help, please contact