Year 1

This half term, we are learning about 'The Farm' using the book 'We’re Going On An Egg Hunt'. We will learn about animals that live on the farm and about how farms play a vital role in how we source our food.

YouTube - On The Farm

YouTube - Old Macdonald Had A Farm

Epic Reading - Down On The Farm - Class code: crl3648

BBC Bitesize - Working On A Farm

Hit The Button

Phonics Play

Thanks, the year 1 team.

Family Challenge

Can you go with your family to the supermarket?

What food do you see on the shelves? Where and how did it start its journey?

Phonics Challenge

Can you make a poster for our phase 3 sounds?

Write all the sounds - what words can you remember with that diagraph?

Can you draw some pictures to match the words?

Maths Challenge

Can you explore number bonds within 10?

How many ways can you make 7?

How many ways can you make 8?

How many ways can you make 6?

Choose your number and write the number sentences.

Creative Challenge

Can you make a farm animal?

Writing Challenge

Can you write about an animal that lives on the farm?

Draw a picture and write some facts you have found out.

Recent Learning

Year 1 greeted some special guests: bearded dragons, snakes, stick insects... and some super cute bunnies!

Year 1 have been to Dragon School! Just like Zog in their class book, our students learnt how to fly, roar and catch a princess. Then, they watched the Zog film, while enjoying hot chocolate and popcorn. A roar-some day!

Year 1 visited the allotment, where they examined and sketched plants and flowers. And, of course, they enjoyed some delicious fresh apples!

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