Year 5

This half-term, Year 5 will be studying the ancient Maya civilisation.

In History, we will look at the daily lives of the Maya people, how this mysterious civilisation collapsed and why the majority of the Maya’s seemed to simply disappear in 900AD.

In Geography, we will be learning how to use an 8-point compass and grid reference to locate countries in Central America, understanding the climate and habitat and how this shaped Maya culture.

To inspire our writing, we will be reading the story Coco. The children will be using their knowledge of Central America to create vivid setting descriptions and bring characters to life! Later in the half term, we compare the accomplishments of the Romans and Maya, writing a historical debate ‘Romans Vs Maya – which civilisation was more successful’?

In Maths, we are continuing our work on adding and subtracting fractions, measuring perimeter and area, and multiplying large numbers.

In Design and Technology, we are exploring the religious and cultural significance of certain foods that would have been eaten on special occasions by the Maya, recreating dishes for our end-of-term Maya celebration.

Reading Challenge

Can you read the story of Coco independently and then watch the film at home? Perhaps you could discuss how the book is different to the film.

Creative and Family Challenge

Have a go at making Maya hot chocolate with your family - under adult supervision. Remember to add all the spices to give it that perfect kick – cinnamon and chillies will make all the difference!

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