Year 5

This term, Year Five will be exploring the turbulent world of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

We will be travelling back in time to explore what the UK was like in the 10th Century CE. We will consider home life, religion, work, battle and trade whilst developing our sense of history.

Our writing outcome will be a newspaper report about the attack on Lindisfarne from the perspective of an Anglo-Saxon journalist. 

In maths, we will be revisiting place value with a focus on decimals and numbers up to 1 million. We will then use our new knowledge to solve addition and subtraction problems. 

Reading Challenge

Can you learn about how the Vikings invaded Britain on BBC Bitesize?

Creative Challenge

Can you build either a Viking or Anglo-Saxon settlement using things from around the house? 

Family Challenge

Follow this link and bake some Viking bread – we think it would taste delicious with some butter and jam!

Viking Bread Recipe

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