Year 5

This half term, Year 5 will be studying the Maya civilisation.

We will be learning about the history of the Maya civilisation, including the Maya way of life, settlements, trade, farming and the collapse of the Maya.

In Geography, Year 5 will be locating the ancient Maya civilisation and comparing the topographical features of the Maya to other civilisations (such as Roman and Viking civilisations) including land use, trade links and physical/human features.

Year 5 will be designing a product in their DT lessons inspired by Maya art and pattern. They will be learning skills such as weaving and bracelet making which the pupils can create outside - inspired by nature just as the Maya were.

In writing, we will be using the question, 'Which civilisation was the greatest?' to create a discussion text where we will compare and contrast two civilisations.

Reading Challenge:

Can you log in to Get Epic! and read the Maya books assigned?

Class code: crl3648

Creative Challenge:

Can you build a Maya pyramid?

Family Challenge:

Can you make a mosaic mask using white, red and green coloured paper and card? (Please ask your teacher for these resources if you do not have these at home).

Recent Learning

Titanic Honour and Glory Exhibitions travelled all the way from Scotland to deliver a brilliant, in-depth workshop to Year 5. Our students even saw artefacts from the Titanic!

For British Science Week, 5RB learnt about sustainability. Check out their brilliant research, fun experiments and heartfelt artwork:

5RB presents their learning about Vikings, through drama and art:

Year 5 loved their trip to Yorvik, where they learnt lots about the Vikings.

Year 5 had a fantastic time at Nell Bank, filled with exploration and fun. Best of all: the legendary Adventure Playground!

If you need any help, please contact us: