Relationships Education

Relationships Education became compulsory from September 2020 in schools.

DFE guidance can be found here:

The aim of relationships education at our school is to help pupils develop self-respect, confidence and empathy. Pupils will learn about what makes healthy relationships, focusing on family and friendships, in a way that is age appropriate and sensitive to their faith. This will include online relationships, and how to keep safe.

Bowling Park will have the flexibility to deliver the content in a way that is age and developmentally appropriate and sensitive to the needs and religious background of its pupils. Flexibility is important as it allows the school to respond to local public health and community issues, meet the needs of our community and to adapt materials and programmes to meet the needs of our children.

The relationship policy that was written in consultation with parents, staff and governors in February 2020 is linked below:

The following presentation was used in the parent consultation:

In this policy, we make it clear that we will not teach sex education to our children.

This curriculum is taught alongside Personal, Social and Health Education and we use Coram Life Education’s online SCARF teaching resources. More information about Coram Life Education and SCARF can be found on their website:  

Our long-term curriculum plan can be found here:

This curriculum plan shows what we cover under each area. There is also a parent e-book of the curriculum that can be seen below. The headings highlighted yellow are the ones that, following  consultation  with parents, we as a school have decided NOT TO teach to our children.

Each half term, we will remind you of the lessons that we teach and at any time you can request to look through these plans and resources.  

Right to withdraw your child:

Parents have the right to withdraw your child from sex education as part of statutory RSE. At Bowling Park Primary, we do not teach sex education, therefore there is no need to request for your child to be withdrawn.

You cannot withdraw from the statutory relationships education as it is part of the curriculum. It is important to cover topics such as friendships and how to stay safe.