At Bowling Park, phonics is essential to give every child the best possible start in life. A good understanding of phonics allows our children to become confident readers.

How we do it

Our highly qualified and dedicated adults provide fun, exciting and engaging opportunities that cover phase one to five of the phonics curriculum. We teach children to sound and blend words quickly and accurately using their phonic knowledge. They are also taught tricky words that cannot be phonetically segmented and blended together. We want our children to confidently read and spell.

At Bowling Park we introduce children to phase one in Nursery using Letters and Sounds which then continues in Reception and Key Stage 1. Children are given carefully chosen phonics books as well as their reading books. Not all children find learning phonics easy, so extra help and support is provided to those who need it.

Letters and Sounds Videos for Children Learning At Home

What we achieve

We have very high expectations and want our children to achieve the very best in phonics so that they become confident, independent and fluent readers.

In 2019, 82% of our children were successful in the year one phonics test.