Year 4

This half term in year 4, we will start a brand-new topic which we’re all excited about: Islands. This will include a work around Geography which will help year 4 students understand the make-up of islands and how they are different than continents.

In Science, we will learn about food chains and how living things find their food from their habitats.

In June, your child will be taking a multiplication tables check. You can read more about it here. To help your child prepare for this check, we'd recommend practising times tables at home using TT Rockstars.

In Maths, we will revisit place value and addition and subtraction to build on the previously learnt skills to apply them in different reasoning and word problem contexts.

English will closely link with Geography and Reading as the work is based on the Michael Morpurgo’s novel titled Kensuke’s Kingdom. By the end of the half term, the year 4 students will have written a setting description of a deserted island based on that novel.

To support other areas of your child's learning this term, check out these links:

Twinkl - Islands

The School Run - Islands

Michael Morpurgo - Kensuke’s Kingdom

BBC Bitesize - What Is A Food Chain?

Creative Challenge:

Below, you can see the image of Hokusai’s The Great Wave of Kanagawa. Surprisingly, this is not a painting! Read on to find out more about this Japanese artist, woodblock printing and how you can do it yourself.

Reading Challenge:

Did you know that the island of Madagascar off the southeast coast of Africa is home to 80% of the animal and plant life found in the world?! Use the links below to find out more about this mysterious island along with some of the wildlife that can be found there. Ahead of our science topic, think about what some of these animals may eat or even be eaten by!

Kids Britannica - Madagascar

DK Findout - Aye Aye

DK Findout - Chamelions

DK Findout - Lemurs

To finish off your learning, why not as a family sit down to watch the wonderful Madagascar films?

Family Challenge:

Have you and your family got fond memories of family holidays that happened on an island? If so, have a go at recreating them by building a model. You could add any pictures or physical memories to your model to make it more special.

Alternatively, you could create the model of an island out of scrap materials. Below, are some examples from past years:

Recent Learning

Year 4 had a brilliant time at Murton Park - a living museum, where they spent the day as Roman soldiers!

If you need any help, please contact us: