Year 4

This half term in Year 4, we will continue to learn all about the Romans. This will include Hadrian's Wall, beliefs, architecture and gladiators!

We will also be exploring states of matter in our science topic. There will be some exciting experiments. We don't want to give anything away, but one will involve melting chocolate...

In maths, we will be developing a range of skills, including money, fractions, addition and multiplication. In June, your child will be taking a multiplication tables check. You can read more about it here. To help your child prepare for this check, we'd recommend practising times tables at home using TT Rock Stars.

To support other areas of your child's learning this term, check out these links:

BBC - Hadrian's Wall
BBC - Gladiator Podcast
BBC - States of Matter
Fractions Game

Reading Challenge:

Did you know that slaves raced chariots in Roman arenas? If the slaves won their races, they became superstars, but if they lost... it was certain death. Read more about Roman chariots with your family here.

You can read more books for free, through Get Epic. Use the class code: hnt2419

Creative Challenge:

The Romans raced chariots in their arenas for entertainment. Watch this YouTube video to see a reenactment.

Could you make your very own mini chariot? Here are some materials you could consider using: milk bottle tops, lolly pop sticks, cereal boxes, plastic bottles, string.

Family Challenge:

It's time to get a taste of Rome! Can you cook an Italian meal with your family? You might want to try one of our favourites: spaghetti bolognese, pizza or lasagne. You might even want to challenge yourself by making your own pizza dough:

BBC Recipe - No Yeast Pizza Dough

Recent Learning

Year 4 had a brilliant time at Murton Park - a living museum, where they spent the day as Roman soldiers!

If you need any help, please contact us: