Year 4

Our topic this half term is Into the Woods, looking specifically at the fairy tale, ‘The Real Story of the Three Little Pigs.’

This half term, as part of our geography, we are going to be learning more about our local area of Bradford and using aerial maps to compare the physical and human features around our school to those of areas we have learnt about over the year. We will then be creating our own tourist brochure for West Bowling showing how to get between both school sites and creating a key of the local features of our area.


Our science topic this half term is food chains! We will be learning about how a food chain works and is represented and then create our own food-chain-in-a-box for a habitat we have chosen!


In English, we are going to be writing a diary entry from the perspective of the wolf about what happens to him when he ‘accidentally’ blows down one of the three little pig’s houses.


In maths, we will be using our knowledge of decimals from last half term to help us with our learning about money. We will be looking at how to convert pennies into pounds-and-pence and how to order and compare different amounts.

We will then be consolidating our learning on the 4 operations, which we covered throughout this year.

Times tables are an important part of our learning in Year 4 so we encourage you to go on TT Rockstars as much as you can at home.

Creative Challenge

We challenge you to create your own woodland habitat. You can do this as a 3D model, a sketch or painting! Our favourite habitats will receive special prizes!

Make sure you take lots of pictures and these may appear on our social media channels!

Reading Challenge

Read more about food chains here:

BBC Bitesize - What is a Food Chain?

Want to read or listen to a fairy tale? Take a look at this list and choose your favourite one:

StoryNorty - Fairytales

Family Challenge

As we are learning about food chains in science and particularly as the weather is getting better, why not go explore outside with your family? Take a walk to the nearest green space (a park, local woods) and carry out a wildlife survey to see what animals you can find. You can find out more here:

Cumbria Wildlife Trust - Wildlife Survey

Can you create a food chain based on what you find?

If you need any help, please contact