Online Resources

Educational Websites

Practice your spellings, revise your facts or compete against your classmates to see who's a Times Table Rockstar! These online resources offer lots to do:

To see how to access these sites and more, check out the guides on our YouTube channel.

Home Learning Menu

Our Home Learning Menu is a list of fun and creative activities that families can enjoy together, such as:

  • A minibeast hunt

  • Making a den

  • Creating a treasure map based on your home

And much more. How many of the activities can you complete and cross off?

For children aged 0-5, check out activities on Little Hungry Minds.


More than ever, it's important to look after our mental health and take time to unwind. This helps us in so many aspects of life, especially learning.

MindUP's website has a range of activities you can try at home.

Additionally, we offer a variety of mental health and well-being resources.

We also have mindfulness videos on our YouTube channel.

If ever you feel like things are tough, please email us.


Our friends at Noise Academy have created some exclusive online lessons:

Or how about creating music in your kitchen, using tubs, spoons and glasses? Check out the Music videos on our YouTube channel.


It's crucial to stay safe while staying active over the break. If you would like exercises to try at home, check out the PE videos on our YouTube channel.