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Snow Day Home Learning


Like you do with your phonics teacher, can you write down all the graphemes that you know?

Could you try and write some words with those graphemes?

Maths - Solid shapes

This week we have been learning about a sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone and triangular prism.

Can you find any of the shapes in or outside your house?

Can you make a snowman using the sphere shape?

Can you practice writing your numbers to 10?

Also, if you have extra time you can use the Topmarks Early Years Maths page to practice counting and play lots of other games.

Core story 

If you follow this link you can access the story we have been reading and listening to in class:

YouTube - Jack and the Beanstalk 

Once you have watched it, can you talk about the favourite part of the story?

Can you draw a picture and write a sentence?

Then if you have time, can you think of who your favourite character is and why?

Family learning challenges

1. Can you draw, paint or design a castle?

2. Can you draw a picture of the giant and label him?

3. Can you act out the story with your family?

4. Can you make giant footsteps in the snow outside?

Finally, sit together as a family and have a talk over some juice and biscuits.

You can share all your wonderful work on Class Dojo.

- The Reception team

Usher Street Team

Miss Dacres – Reception Teacher 

Mrs Fogg – Nursery Nurse

Miss North - 1:1 Teaching Assistant

New Cross Team 


Mrs Cattley – Reception Teacher

Miss Ditta – Teaching Assistant

Miss Parry – 1:1 Teaching Assistant


Miss Scott – Reception Teacher

Mrs Dickinson – Nursery Nurse

Mrs Breslin – Assistant Head Teacher of Early Learning

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