Year 3

Snow Day Home Learning

On this snowy day, we'd love you to complete the following challenges as part of home learning: 

1) TT Rockstars year group battle

Who will win? 3VD? 3ET? 3LW? Sign into TT Rockstars to take part in the challenge.

2) Draw or build a snowman. 

Write a sentence to persuade us why your snowman is the best. Use the adverb 'certainly' or 'surely'. 

Challenge: use a subordinating conjunction in your sentence. 

3) Label a flower game

Show us your amazing knowledge of flowers by labelling the parts of the flower on this fun game:

Wordwall - Parts of a Plant

If you get stuck, you can watch this video to help you:

BBC - Anatomy of the Flower

If you need any help, please contact