Year 4

Snow Day Home Learning

Good morning Year 4. We hope you are all enjoying the snow and manage to go out and have lots of fun with your family and friends.

We have created a few activities we would like you to complete to help you to continue with your learning:


In our topic lessons we have been learning all about biomes.

We would like you to choose 1 of the 6 major biomes we have been learning about (tundra, woodlands, taiga, grasslands, desert and rainforest) and create a poster to show what you have learnt about this biome. You may wish to include:

·        The location of the biomes

·        The features (does it have a high/low temperature, high/low rainfall)

·        Name and draw some of the flora (plants) that live in the biome you have chosen

·        Name and draw some of the fauna (animals) that live in the biome you have chosen.

·        Any other fun facts you know or have researched


In our science lessons, we’ve been learning about classification. 

We would like you to classify the fauna (animals) you have chosen to draw on your curriculum poster. Here are some things you may want to consider:

Are they a vertebrate (an animal with a backbone) or an invertebrate (an animal without a backbone)

If they are a vertebrate, which of the 5 main groups (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds or mammals) do they fit into?

If they are a vertebrate, does it have a hard body (such as crustaceans) or a soft body (such as worms)?

If you’re really feeling up to the challenge, why not create your very own classification key!


In our English lessons we have been practising using descriptive language. 

We would like you to create some sentences with expanded noun phrases for your curriculum poster about your chosen biome. Remember our formula for an expanded noun phrase (Adjective, Adjective, Noun). 

Here are some examples of sentences including expanding noun phrases that I would use on my poster:

1. The vast, barren tundra stretches across the northernmost regions of the world.

2. The endless, sun-drenched grasslands are characterised by an abundance of tall grasses and wildflowers. 

3. The vast, dry desert is one of the harshest environments on Earth.

Have a go at creating some of your own sentences with expanded noun phrases to really make your poster POP!


Check out the books on Get Epic to help you with your activities and research.

Get Epic - Class Code: crl3648

Once you have logged onto Get Epic, type in ‘biomes’ in the search box at the top and this will give you lots of options to choose from to help you with your poster.


In maths, we’ve been learning about time. Use the following table to:

a) Predict how long an activity will take you to complete. A second? A minute? An hour?

b) Get your siblings or your parents to time you completing that activity and see if your predictions were correct!

If you need any help, please contact